Mechanical Tests EN 16732 replacing old national standards (DIN 3419, BS 3084, SFS 4540)

  • Longitudinal strength of top stop
  • Reciprocating test
  • Closed-end test
  • Longitudinal strength of bottom stop at closed end zip
  • Lateral strength of bottom stop at closed end zip
  • Security of attachment of puller
  • Opening of slider
  • Lateral strength
  • Lateral strength as folded
  • Tensile strength of tooth
  • Slide of tooth
  • Slider locking test
  • Lateral strength of open-end parts
  • Security of attachment of box at open-end zip

Resistance to twist of puller
ASTM D2061-1987 (ITS, HK)

For example pullers and puller attachments have to be strong,
much stronger than the requirements of the international standards.