Protected Zips

What a hard life a zipper must lead.

Silver, copper, brass, zinc alloys or galvanic plating are stressed by chemicals, even by chemicals in the air. Without any protection of the metal surface the colours change and the surface structure changes.

During transport, storage and manufacturing, proper protective measures are needed. Exceptionally high temperatures or humidity causes corrosion or tarnishing.

Chemical and mechanical treatments vary greatly and can be harmful to the zip fastener. Piece dyeing of garments, bleaching, scouring, stone-washing, enzyme washing, double dyeing, steaming, centrifuging and mass laundering are all strong and dangerous processes, easily causing discolouration, corrosion, shrinkage etc.

SALMI avoids such reactions with treatments developed specifically for different metals.

What type of protection do you prefer?

Pick your item.

When ordering, just mention the item of your preferred type of protection. Have a look at the test results to see how the protection performs.

F = Rubbing protected Dark Oxides

The combination of a light colour garment and dark oxidized zipper is now a quality safe combination.

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H = Wear protected

Our zippers remain unscathed through the conditions that an active life may throw at them.

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X = Tarnish protected Brass or Shiny silver

The originally designed shine and tone of the metal lasts

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Y = Tarnish protected Aluminium

Clear shiny aluminium zippers keep their ability to reflect light under environmental stress.

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Wear&Wash Protected Sliders

The clear, shiny sliders keep their pristine reflection under stress.

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